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More than usual, haste is required while shopping for a pre-owned vehicle. You can’t afford to wait for banks and financial institutions to organise and authorise your used truck loans before you take advantage of a great price. 


There are several interested bidders in most cases, and the sellers are eager to accept their highest offer. Finding a high-quality, reasonably-priced used heavy truck may be difficult in today’s market, so you’ll want to act soon if you want to get the bargain. This is where we at Business Finance Loans come in. 


Quick Used Truck Loans From Business Finance Loans


We are a well-recognised lender-finder service that is a great source to access the best lenders in Australia. What makes these lenders’ services different is that our application process is 100% online and quick, and you can get potential approvals from multiple lenders within minutes. 


This quick access to used truck loans can be the best way to get the vehicle you need. Don’t chance losing out on a terrific deal or a used vehicle; Use our online loan calculator, and connect with vetted lenders within minutes. 


We’re experts at helping you secure used truck loans, and our AI is set up to make the best loan applicant-lender matches. We promise our business clients access to lenders providing fast, efficient service and loans at economical rates.


Types of Used Truck Loans

You can choose from various financing options, depending on your needs and situations such as the following:

Chattel Mortgage For Used Trucks

The use of a chattel mortgage is a viable alternative that you should consider. Here, you’d buy the vehicle outright from the lender and use it as collateral for your loan. When all payments are caught up, the mortgage is cancelled, and you become the sole owner of the property. Depreciation and the Goods and Services Tax (GST) paid on the purchase may be written off using a chattel mortgage.

Used Truck Leasing

Vehicle leasing is an excellent choice for businesses, single proprietorships, and individuals who lack the capital to buy a truck outsight. Leasing a truck gives you everyday vehicle use in exchange for regular payments to the leasing company.

At the end of your lease, you can either purchase the vehicle for the residual value (or final payment) or refinance the residual and continue the lease or trade it in. Each lease payment includes GST, and there is no depreciation allowance.

Used Truck Hire Purchase

An alternative is to have the loan provider buy the vehicle on your behalf and then rent it to you or your business at a monthly rate set by the terms of the agreement. Once the last payment has been made under the agreed-upon payment schedule, you will become the sole owner of the vehicle.

Note- We recommend speaking with your tax professional or financial planner to see which used truck loans are suitable for you.


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Business Finance Loans encompasses all types of commercial loans. Since a business owner’s time is precious, we made sure our website displays quickly and is simple. You probably know that applying for a used truck loan might be tricky if you’re in the market for one. 


You will have to physically visit various banks and financial institutions, discuss your requirements, answer questions they ask and furnish a large amount of paperwork. The entire process is time-consuming and nerve-wracking. But Business Finance Loans lender-finder service is a refreshing change. To help you go through with the sale and get your vehicle out making money as soon as possible, our specialists will help you best organise your application for fast approval.


Convenient Access To Used Truck Loans’ Financers

Our service connects you with 60+ reputable Australian lenders that can provide used truck loans so that you can shop around with confidence. Use our online business loan calculator to see what kind of used truck loans terms and interest rates you qualify for. 

If you have any more questions regarding the features of the platform or the variety of loans available, please feel free to contact our knowledgeable team. We are positive you will find a suitable lender for your business requirements. Our knowledgeable team is always ready to help with the information you need.

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